Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Stopped Blogging...Please Forgive Me!

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Hello and welcome back! Just as the title states above, I stopped blogging (for close to two years!) and I’m truly sorry. It was never my intention to stop writing (especially with craziness I experience in China). Since I'm back in the U.S.A on vacation, a number of people asked me "why did I stop blogging?" as well as, "when would I blog again?"I decided that I needed to continue blogging and as I will explain below, some things happened to me which stopped me from blogging. 

1.      Time: I stopped devoting time to the blog and I started really living life abroad. I started to go out a bit more and socialize (through people, groups and random activities). Then, I became really involved with work (during my first year). I also started going to the gym (I will blog about this in more detail) and I even dipped my toes into the dating world here in Shanghai (I will also explain more about this in an upcoming blog post).

2.    I changed employment: I’m not going to explain everything here (since I have a blog post or two in the works about this topic), but I changed employment after my first year in China. To be honest, I wasn’t really thrilled about my job and I didn’t want to stay there and endure another year. I experienced some good, bad and terrible during my year at said company, but as the saying goes, the first year really and truly is a learning year and I learned a lot about work, office culture and expectations in China. I’m happy to report that I found better, more satisfying employment elsewhere in Shanghai and at this time, I will be staying there for another year.

3.     I got lazy: I can’t lie…I did get lazy and I let this blog go to the wayside. Even though I was busy with activities, job changes and adjustments, I could have found a spare hour or two a week to blog and recount my life in Shanghai.  I had a couple of blogs I wanted to write and they stayed in my draft folder. Then a week would pass and then a week turned into a month, a few months and then a year.

Along with the laziness came a fear of writing. For whatever reason, I was scared to write about my experiences and so I stayed away from the blog. I can’t explain the reason why but I hope to never experience that fear of writing again.

 I realized the importance of writing a blog and keeping in touch with friends and family while abroad. I write this blog not just for myself, but for other people. I write this blog for people who want to know how I’m doing and what I’m experiencing. I write this blog for those who love to travel, especially if they’re planning a trip to China or anyplace else I intend to blog about in the future. Finally, I write this blog to encourage those who have a dream, who want to get out and explore the world but may have doubts about where to go and how to get started. Just realize that travel is in your future and don’t give up your dreams!

This Lamborghini will be mine one day! Shanghai Luxury Expo 2013

Lastly, I will be doing 20 different blog posts to finish the year 2014. I will find an hour or two a week to blog mostly about travel, but also about other things that affect my life. I've already written the topics, now it’s time to end the excuses and just write! 

Thanks again for reading and stay tuned for the next blog post!

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