Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What I'm Bringing to China (With Pictures!)

I officially leave for China in exactly one week (cue panic music), and over the past few days, I’ve been eagerly packing up my apartment, sending lots of emails , doing last minute shopping, and tying up any loose ends here stateside.

I will pack my suitcases in the upcoming days (or knowing me, the night before) and before that time, I wanted to show/advise my reading audience on what I’m bringing to China.  Many of the things/items I’m bringing are a culmination of previously living abroad, reading blogs, as well as, tips from those who currently reside in China.  This post will full of pics and packing tips so let’s go!


Since I have ample butt and thighs, I know that finding clothes will be difficult, if not impossible.  I’m bringing several pairs of dress pants (3), in addition to, three pairs of dark colored jeans.  I know this doesn’t sound like much, but after spending a year in France, I know this will be more than enough.  I also plan on bringing lots of neutral and dark colored tops and dresses that I can play up with bright accessories (i.e.: scarves, jewelry, tights, and handbags)


I have large feet (I’m taller than your average), I wear anywhere from a size 9-10 (a size 7-8 for my U.K. readers and a 40-41 for my readers on the European Continent).  I’ve heard from several people that one of the items they regret not packing enough of was shoes since anything over a size 8 is non-existent.  Thus, I’m planning to bring several pairs of dark colored shoes (once again with the neutrals) which will range from casual shoes, sneakers, boots, and even a pair of heels (which I rarely wear).

I’m also bringing a pair of flip flops for hostel and hotel showers (a necessity for those who desire to travel abroad)

After working for two different lingerie companies; not to mention, living abroad for several years, I know the importance of a good bra. I recommend for my women travelers to bring three bras (I’m bringing five): an everyday bra in a neutral color, a spare bra in any color, and a flirty bra for when you’re feeling frisky J I also recommend a strapless or convertible bra. Invest in good quality; new bras since washing machine abroad are quite rough (hand washing can be your friend). 

Beauty, Bath, and Makeup:
As shown in the picture below, I’m bringing a variety of shower and moisturizing products.  I was advised to stock up on these items since Asia is notorious for adding skin lighteners to their beauty and bath products. 

I’ve been going a bit more natural with my beauty routine hence the shea butter and coconut oil (whipped together, they make an excellent moisturizer).  I’ve also rediscovered bar soaps and these are excellent for packing since they take up less room and weight in my luggage.

Word to the wise, deodorant/anti-perspirant is not great/ practically non-existent abroad.  Even though there’s only one in the picture, I’m bringing three.

Hair Care:

I’m currently rocking my natural kinks and coils which require lots of love and attention as well as, many different products for washing, styling and moisturizing.  As you can see from the pic, I’m going to bring several different products and this is only the tip of the iceberg. I recommend minority travelers bring as many of their favorite hair products as possible since they will be overpriced and/or non-existent abroad.

I was advised by my China mentor to bring as much makeup as possible since my color (milk chocolate), would once again be nonexistent.  I hit up the MAC store this past weekend for my favorite foundation and I purchased some other make-up “must haves.”

I’m recently purchased a new laptop and digital camera that I’m excited about.  I’m also brining a set of converters for converting the electricity for my smaller appliances like my iTouch and battery charger (I need to purchase one for my laptop). 

 I recommend leaving the hair appliances at home since they can be purchased inexpensively abroad (I would even advise finding an expat website and purchasing these items second hand since people are always coming and going in today’s global society).

Health Matters:

The picture only shows just a small amount of what I’m bringing health wise.  I stocked up on vitamins, cold medicines and miscellaneous medicine for any other ailments that can occur while abroad.  I have a comprised immune system and I hate being sick so I plan on bringing enough items to get me through just about anything.  

Hand sanitizer will be a necessity (I’m also bringing several travel sized bottles, not shown)

To keep up on my physical health, I plan on walking lots as well as, bringing some workout dvds which can be done from the comfort of my apartment:


I’ve decided that I will sample as much as I can (within reason) while in China; however, I know that some of my favorite comfort foods will be calling my name.  To soothe homesickness bouts, I’m bringing some seasonings and other food items I can easily prepare.  Not to mention, seasonings can be packed in your carry on luggage and they take up barely any space.

Well ladies and gents, thanks again for reading!  I know this list was a bit short and there’s a lot more that can be said; thus, feel free to add any other comments or suggestions below on what’s been helpful for you to pack when traveling.


  1. I see the international converter kit in your list of items packed... Does this mean I can text you ?? If so how much will it cost you? I will prob just stay in contact via email or your blog :) I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to hear all the exciting news and adventures !

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Thanks for your feedback and I appreciate your comment.

      I will have access to a phone that can send international texts. I'm not sure how much it will be but, I will text you when I get it!

      Keep in contact!