Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something smells rotten in dreamland....

Last night, I had one of those great nights of sleep (which for me is definitely worth writing about since I experience insomnia at times), only to find myself wide awake after a weird dream. To set the scene a bit, I was surrounded by people from college (some of whom I haven't thought about since college), current friends, and acquaintances. We resided in a strange multistory tree house and on this particular evening, everyone was in high spirits after a great night out. As we filed into the house, I ran ahead of the group only to find myself face to face with a large black and white animal which I quickly realized was a skunk!

The Skunk (photo from

This was no ordinary skunk.  Firstly, it was much larger than your ordinary skunk and secondly, it didn't run away when it saw me. I proceeded to yell out to everyone that there was a skunk in the house and we needed to get tomato juice but no one seemed to care. I started getting hysterical as I ran around the house yelling out my warnings like I was Paul Revere warning everyone that "The British were coming," But once again no one cared and the skunk remained content. Finally, I got fed up and started yelling at everyone to get the skunk out of the house when suddenly, it started to spray. I ran up the stairs and the skunk followed, marking itself all over the stairs. I ran into a room and shut the door and that is when I woke up. 

I stayed in bed motionless, as my mind raced back to the dream, especially the skunk, and I decided to research what this dream meant. I quickly did a google search on my cellphone of several dream interpretation websites and I was not pleased with what my research yielded. Apparently, dreaming of a skunk means unresolved anger issues as well as, dealing with something that "stinks" in one's life. I started reflecting on my life and what anger issues I could be experiencing and I came up empty handed. As far as I was concerned, I had zero unresolved anger issues, or anything to be angry about for that matter.  I had some things that under the surface,  had upset me in the past, but nothing large enough to cause a dream of such magnitude. I also thought about anything "stinking" in my life and the only thing that I could think of was the large list of things I had to do before leaving for China and how over the past few days those things, were beginning to cause me some stress and even a headache.

I can only hope that this is not some foreshadowing on what may await me in China (even though I'm quite certain there will be a literal stench).  I'm going to do what I've always done before my long term stays abroad: to keep positive and have great thoughts about all the great things I will experience and all the amazing people I will meet. I just hope that one of them isn't a skunk ;)

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